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Give Me Your Heart

In an effort to raise awareness for women's heart health, QSC established a quilt challenge called Give Me Your Heart. Sixty-nine pieces were displayed at the Pieceable Retreat in October 2009. The pieces will be shown throughout the state in a traveling exhibit. Click on our Calendar page to see a the reserved dates or click here for a schedule list. Send an email to Diane Schonauer or Sandra Baker to set up a showing for your guild or organization.

Click on an image to see an enlargement.

Dolly ~~ Janice Davis

Are You the Face of Cure ~~ Carolyn Brackat

3 in 1 ~~ Liz Florum

I Deserve a Healthy Heart ~~ Beth Stewart Ozark

Converation Hearts ~~ Mary Cross

How to Fix a Broken Heart ~~ Linda B. Vandiver

Our Hearts Are All Connected ~~ Joy Artlip

Here's My Pacemaker ~~ Clara Fisher

I Am Woman ~~ Joyce Greer

Broken Heart ~~ Liz Forum

Wellspring of Life ~~ Carolyn Harris

Your Heart is in Your Hands ~~ Helen Ramsey Brown

Forecast Sunny ~~ G. Brown

Give Me Your Heart ~~ Sharon Golden

Tuggin at My Heart Strings ~~ Betsi Dinger

Hugs and Kisses for Grandaddy's Heart ~~ Courtney Royson and Donna Royson

Sue Gets Heart Healthy ~~ Diane Schonauer

1 in 3 ~~ Sheila Adams Chandler

Jogging for a Healthy Heart ~~ Mary Trimble

Fractured Heart ~~ Vicki McCormick

Your Heart Gives My Heart a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling ~~ Gail Moss

A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine ~~ Lynn Baker

With All My Heart ~~ Donna Walters

Grow Your Heart Healthy ~~ Denise Seay

Prince Charming ~~ Angela Faulkenberry

Here's My Heart ~~ Sue Davis

Have a Heart ~~ Sandra Rader

A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart ~~ JoAnn Amidon

Gingerbread Ann ~~ Ann M. Smith

The Fragments of My Heart ~~ Lynn Lucas

New Heart Beat ~~ Lillie Hucks

Caring Heart and Hands ~~ Lillie Hucks

Proudly We Give ~~ Lynn Parker

Soft Hearted ~~ Kathryn K. Weston

The Shirt Off My Back ~~ Frances S. Kelley

HEARTS-ville ~~ Frances S. Kelley

And the Beat Goes On ~~ Karen L. Preston

Hearts A Fire ~~ Paula Crook

Kick Start My Heart ~~ Sherry E. Sadler

The Wellspring ~~ Kristen Larkin Farwig

Cross My Heart ~~ Linda Powell Dellinger

My Heart, Your Heart ~~ Carol Lindler

Love Your Heart ~~ Seni Maxwell

Love Your Heart ~~ Nancy Wrenn

Give Me Your Heart ~~ Amanda Brown

Total Eclipse of the Heart ~~ Dee Ross

Heart of a Wildcat ~~ Jodi Spillane

Hearts Need ... ~~ Sandra Baker

Jim's Worn Out Heart ~~ Virginia M. Schrenker

Have a Heart ~~ Jean Mandeville

Here's My Heart ~~ Carol Calianese

A Loving Heart ~~ Betty G. Adams

Our Bleeding Hearts ~~ Joyce Walton

Heal My Fractured Heart ~~ Deborah A. Fenton

You Have Stolen My Heart ~~ Paulette M. Macabobby

There is a Crack in Everything - That's How the Light Gets In ~~ Gail Ferrick (based on a Leonard Gohen work)

Double Trouble ~~ Judy Twitty

The Queen of Hearts ~~ Lynn Buske

Children Tug at Your Heart Strings ~~ Sherry E. Sadler

Bless Your Heart ~~ Robin Cleveland

Chinese Wedding Blessing ~~ Pat Bartholomew

Recipe for Healthy Heart ~~ Linda Wilcox

Don't Scrap Your Heart - Save It ~~ Wilma Black

Dancing Hearts in Celebration ~~ Ann Addy

Echo ~~ Penny Benner

Ed's Kitty ~~ Margaret Caughman

Take Care of Your Heart ~~ Joy Peterson

Anita's Heart, Plain and Simple ~~ Anita Bowen

Many Healthy Hearts ~~ Irene Creighton

             Schedule of Reserved Exhibit Dates
             If you would like to host the exhibit, please contact sandra25@bellsouth.net
             or d_schonauer@bellsouth.net.
February 18, 2010
February 20, 2010
March 18, 2010
March 27, 2010
May 2-15, 2010
May 11, 2010
May 18-21, 2010
July 9-13, 2010
July 20, 2010
July 22 - August 5, 2010
August 5 - 11, 2010
August 26-29, 2010
September 19, 2010
November 3-8, 2010
January 2 - 5, 2011
February 2011
Chapin; private showing
Lancaster One Stop Shop Hop
Clinton; private showing
Newberry; QSC Spring meeting
Orangeburg; Orangeburg Arts Center, Orangeburg, SC
Orangeburg reception 6 - 8 pm
Trenholm United Methodist Church on Trenholm Road, Columbia, SC
Devine Quilt Guild, Columbia, SC
Greater Columbia Quilters, Columbia, SC
Quilters Cottage, Garden City, SC
Prickly Fingers Quilters Guild, Anderson, SC
Anderson Area Quilt Show, Williamston, SC
Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC
Magic Needle and Piecemakers Quilt Guilds, Lancaster, SC
Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild, Seneca, SC
Palmetto Health Heart Hospital, Columbia, SC

These were the guidelines for the pieces:

  • Participants must be current QSC members.

  • Finished quilt will measure 18" x 24" (+ or - one inch)

  • Quilt can be landscape or portrait orientations or heart-shaped.

  • A label with name, title, and date must be on the back of the quilt

  • There must be a hanging sleeve on the back.

  • Multiple entries are allowed.

  • Quilts will be returned at the 2010 Pieceable Retreat after traveling around the state.

  • QSC will not be responsible for damage or injury to the designed pieces and will be held harmless to liability. QSC will hold rights to any photography for the exhibits and may create items for sale at a future date. Exhibitors will not be compensated for the inclusion of the entries.

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